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Andropause (for Men)

Andropause - Our Pharmacy knows that   hormone replacement therapy (HRT) isn't just useful for women. We've compounded hormones to help men dealing with symptoms of Andropause (TRT- Testoterone replacement Therapy), considered to be a male menopause. Men may experience a variety of symptoms including:

    - Decreased Libido
    - Decreased Muscle Mass
    - Decreased Strength and Stamina
    - Erectile Dysfunction
    - Sleep Disorders
    - Depression and Anxiety
    - Heart Disease
    - Osteoporosis

A medication that fits you :

One-size-fits-all hormone replacements which are mass produced are made for men of average height and weight. We know the importance of tailoring your treatment to fit your body so that any imbalances can be perfectly balanced again. In addition, we only use bioidentical hormones in our HRT treatments. Bioidentical hormones have the exact same chemical structure as human hormones. They are unlike synthetic hormones used in commercial products which have caused controversy over feared side-effects.

Dosage forms you like

We can tailor your hormone treatment in a dosage form you find the most convenient.
These include:

    - Capsules or Tablets
    - Flavored Drops or Lozenges that dissolve in the mouth
    - Topical Creams or Lotions to apply to your skin

Active Ingredients for Treatment:

  •       Testosterone

  •       DHEA 
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