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Dental compounding goes back to the days when tooth aches caused by tooth decay were probably the most common dental problem and the barber was the professional “go to” for tooth extraction.

Lack of proper dental hygiene, improper diet, disease states and drug therapy can be leading factors to dental problems.

Dental compounding can range from preparing special oral hygiene products and pre-operative medications to preparing medications used in the dental surgical suites.

Dentists see and deal with many oral problems. Patients are seen for dental caries, periodontal diseases, oral lesions and cancer, temporomdibular joint disorder, inflamed or ulcerated oral tissue. Systemic diseases and drug side effects can cause problems such as angina, oral fungal, gingival, hyperplasia, and fungal infections from long term antibiotic use.

Our pharmacy can assist in the treatment of some of the common things such as
pain, infections, allergies, anxiety, crown preparations, dry socket treatments, gum disease, aphthous stomatitis, lichen planus, cicatricial pemphigoid and drug induced mucositis.

Manufactured products have numerous ingredients that may contribute to compatibility or stability problems. When preservatives are present in commercial products it may drop below its effective concentration, due to diluting down when mixing with other products. Compounding is done from bulk powder and results in fewer stability and compatibility problems. Your compounding pharmacist can tailor the medication to the patient.

Unique Dosage Forms
Compounded medications offer an alternative for the patients that don’t respond to standard medications. For the needle anxiety patient, topical anesthetics allow for a painless injection. Some patients become nauseated and can not swallow a pill, therefore a gel can be rubbed into the skin.

Some commercially unavailable dosage forms include:

  •  suspensions
  •  pastes
  •  lozenges
  •  lollipops.

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