Station Pharmacy  offers more services than just an ordinary pharmacy. Among the many services we offer  are Retail Pharmacy, Compounding, Shot Bar (B-Complex ,Vitamin B12, etc..) , Flu-shots, Supplements, Consultations
Compounding Services - Cosmetics, Pain Management, Hormone Replacement /Armour Thyroid, Pediatrics, Oral Hygiene, Andropause (for men) and Veterinary (click on image for more information)

Shot Bar - A Menu of Vitamin Vaccines used to promote Health and Well being , given here at Station Pharmacy.

      B-Complex -     Ease Stress
                                                Treats anxiety and depression
                                                Aid Memory
                                                Relieve PMS
                                                Reduce Heart Risk
      Vitamin B12 -     Reduces Risk of Pernicious Anemia
                                                Maintains Energy Level
                                                Support Mental and Emotional Stability
                                                Reduces Risk of Heart Disease